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Therapy services offered in Adrian, MI

Therapy, also called psychotherapy, is a great way to collaborate with a mental health professional and expand your coping strategies. At Adrian Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic in Adrian, Michigan, Sarang Patel, PA-C, offers customized therapy for individuals, families, and groups. To schedule a consultation, call Adrian Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic, or book an appointment online today.

Therapy Q & A

What is therapy?

Therapy, or psychotherapy, is an important part of mental health care for numerous conditions and life circumstances. Through therapy at Adrian Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic, you can set and work toward goals in relation to your mental wellness. 

There are countless possible benefits to derive from therapy, and the service is fully personalized.

During your initial visits to Adrian Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic, your providers evaluate you and assess your mental state. They may make a diagnosis if you don’t already have one. Then, they customize your care plan by choosing a psychotherapy technique. Often, psychotherapy is most effective when combined with prescription medications.

During therapy, you and your provider can set goals and find coping strategies for your most pressing concerns or symptoms. You can implement what you learn in therapy in your everyday life. 

Who can benefit from therapy?

Therapy can benefit almost anyone regardless of whether you have a diagnosis or you simply have stressors to overcome in life. You can get therapy as an individual, as part of a group, or with a significant other or family member. 

Some of the most common reasons for seeking therapy include:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma
  • Learning disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Anger management 
  • Attachment problems

Even if you know little to nothing about your mental health, coming to Adrian Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic can help you identify areas of concern that may help you set more specific goals in therapy. 

What are the possible benefits of therapy?

Therapy can have numerous benefits depending on the goals you set with your therapist’s help. Some possible benefits you might gather from consistent therapy include:

  • Coping mechanisms
  • Communication strategies
  • Fewer mental health symptoms
  • Improved attachment
  • Less missed work for mental health reasons
  • Higher self-esteem

Therapy can also help you overcome or manage the effects of trauma, such as nightmares and flashbacks. The coping strategies you learn in therapy are designed to work across many situations in life. 

Whether or not you’re getting mental health care for a specific condition or disorder, you can benefit from therapy. To learn more about therapy and its benefits, call Adrian Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic, or book online today.